Reading the Bible in the New Year

Perhaps you’ve read through the Bible many times. Perhaps you’ve never opened one before. Perhaps you’ve always wondered what actually happens in 2nd Chronicles. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to actually read the whole Bible and not just the parts that you keep coming back to. Perhaps you have a small group or a congregation that would like to read the Bible on the same schedule. Perhaps that was too many sentence in a row that started with perhaps.

Whatever your situation, I’ve been working on a schedule for Bible reading. The schedule has two goals. One, make Bible reading an everyday habit. Two, introduce the entirety of the Biblical text. It will take you through the entire Bible in one calendar year, in small chunks of 3-5 chapters at a time. Warning though, the schedule has no bells and whistles. It starts at Genesis 1.1 and chugs along to Revelation 22.21. As 2017 rolls around, and as we make all sorts of resolutions, I think you could do worse than adding ten minutes of reading to go with your morning coffee or your afternoon beer. It won’t help you lose weight. It won’t make you more productive. It definitely won’t make you a holier person. But, it may give you a greater appreciation for the wisdom, the poignancy, and the absurdity of the¬†book we call the Bible.

If you’re interested in coming along for the journey, you’ll find a PDF with days 1-90 below. Feel free to download and print off as many copies as you’d like. At the end of March, I’ll post 91-180, etc. If you’d prefer your schedule¬†in a more tech-savvy way, I’ll be posting each day’s readings every morning on Twitter: @RevDocTrout

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.