The Case for Quiet

I recently returned to the United States from a long trip across Denmark and Norway. I returned to a lot of noise, both in the news and in life. I won’t rehash the noise in the news, but the life noise involves a new house, starting a PhD program, and an irregular sort of pastoral call.

And in travelling across Denmark and Norway, I realized that I like quiet. I like woodworking and cooking and translating Homer and fly-fishing and all sorts of things that don’t involve being talked at. And yet, here I am talking at people in my own little corner of the internet.

Even more than that, being in Scandinavia and being in distant not only spatially, but temporally from the United States, I realized how much noise there was from everyone else talking at people in their own little corners of the internet. And despite the fact that at times I can be a hyper-competitive person, I realized that I no longer want to compete to be heard (read?). I’m done contributing to the white noise of the unfiltered internet. That’s not quite true. I enjoy instagramming and occasionally saying sardonic things on twitter. But, I’m done devoting time and energy to the process of writing for this blog. And that’s because I realized that I need time and energy to devote to other things: to translating Plutarch and pastoral visitation and hunting ruffed grouse.

And so, with that, I bid adieu to my work here at Trout and Cast Iron. I’ll save some of the things I’ve written, and others, I’ll let go. It’s been a fun two year run, though I’m not sure I’m any nearer to my goal of learning to write “one true sentence.” Tight lines, folks. kdc

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