How to Read the Bible – Advice from Ole Hallesby

God’s Word is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. – Hebrews 4.12


Reading the Bible daily is a great difficulty for many of God’s children. They don’t stop reading, but it becomes heavy and tiresome. And they’re scared that all of their reading is useless because they think they don’t get anything out of it.

My friend, don’t let yourself be confounded if you with prayer and simplicity read your Bible every day. Perhaps you misunderstand your reading. You have thought that it’s you has to strive in one or another way to wrestle something spiritual out of what you’re reading.

No, it is the Holy Spirit who will make the words that you read into food for your soul. Remember that the Holy Spirit must perform a miracle every time that you read the Bible, if your reading is to become bread for your soul. And the Holy Spirit is glad to do this miracle.

Therefore, when you take up your Bible, fold your hands and like a child pray that He will do this miracle for you, whether you read a little or a lot. And when you have done this, you can read with cheerfulness and be certain that what you are reading goes into your soul as a spiritual nourishment.

Don’t sit there with nervous questions about whether it will become food, and whether that food will be enough for your soul. Those people, who think too much about food and digestion while they eat, unsettle their stomachs.

No, collect your thoughts about the Word while you read. And thank God for the eternal truths that have traveled through your soul. The Spirit shall do the work of making the Word work in you, even if you can’t immediately say what that work is.

From Hallesby, Ole. Daglig Fornyelse: Andaktsbok for Hjemmet. Translated by Kristofer Coffman. Oslo: Lutherstiftelsens Forlag, 1951, 36.

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