Two Morning Prayers from Brother Søren

DSC_0434I’ve heard a lot of people voice the desire to add a time for prayer to their morning. Their desire is usually followed up by the lament that they can’t seem to find the time. As I’ve sought to establish a workable routine, my solution to the time dilemma has been to keep it short and to take myself out of it. I have found these two prayers from Søren Kierkegaard fitting both for everyday devotions and especially on Sunday mornings before worship:


If you permit me to know the many magnificent secrets of science, do not let me forget the one necessary thing. If you desire to extinguish my vigor of mind or if you let me grow old on earth so that my soul gets weary, always remind me of the one thing that can never be forgotten, even if I forget everything else, that I am saved by your Son.

Adapted from Kierkegaard’s Papirer, II, A, 309.


Father in Heaven! Do not hold my sins against me, but hold me up against my sins, so that the thought of you will not remind me of what I have committed, but of what you have forgiven, not of how I went astray, but of how you saved me!

Adapted from Kierkegaard’s Journal, 692.

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