A Meditation for Palm Sunday

Immediately the boy’s father cried out and said, “I do believe, help my unbelief! – Mark 9.24


Thus cried out the believing father in his need. And thus cry out all the faithful in their need. The Scriptures tell about faith’s secret, and, in truth, faith is a secret-filled thing. Among others, we find the secret of faith, that one can never be born again without the old self dying. The self’s death and faith’s birth are inseparable.

And death is always painful; the death of the old self is no different, and so, there will always be a painful side of faith. A sinner cannot come to faith in Christ, without at the same time losing faith in himself.

Therefore, in its beginning, faith is always a sorrowing, sighing, crying, doubting faith, because a sinner doesn’t see his faith; a sinner only sees his unbelief. And so we pray unceasingly, like the desperate father, “Help my unbelief!”

But, in other ways, we can see that faith is there. First and foremost, because the sinner suffers on account of his unbelief, and prays for faith.

At that point, faith is already a reality with him, for to believe is to come to Christ with your sins, as the Haugeans say.

He who comes to the feet of Christ’s cross with all his daily sins, he believes, even if he can only see his own doubt, and cannot yet see his faith.

Faith only lives as long as it is wrestling, says Luther.

Here this, you dear children of God, who so often are unsettled and never can grasp your faith as well as you wish.

Cry out like the father in the text: I believe, Lord, help my unbelief!

From Hallesby, Ole. Daglig Fornyelse: Andaktsbok for Hjemmet. Translated by Kristofer Coffman. Oslo: Lutherstiftelsens Forlag, 1951, 81.

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