Same Name, Different Subject, New Start

Dec 1When I started Trout and Cast Iron, 3 months or so ago, it was with the hope of sharing profound insights on fly-fishing, cooking, and the meaning of life. But, six posts later (and a whole month since my last post), it’s become obvious that my heart is not in it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to cook; I love to fly fish. But, in the end, they are both hobbies, and being hobbies, they flit in and out of my attention. More to the point, they don’t inspire me to write consistently or to write well. And so, if I’m going to make this blog worth my while and worth my readers’ while, I need to return to what constantly holds my attention. There’s a reason that I’m a pastor-in-training and hoping to do my PhD in Church History. And, while I’m not sure that the world necessarily needs another pastor blog, I am certain it needs more church history. And so, in the next week, Trout and Cast Iron will undergo a conversion. The name will stay the same, as will the design, but the content (and hopefully the frequency of content) will shift quite a bit. With any luck, the switch will help to improve the quality of my writing and to make it more useful. To those of you who visited the original incarnation of Trout and Cast Iron, thank you. And who knows, maybe I’ll keep up with the recipes, church history or not. Stay tuned, stay hyped.

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